“Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way.
It is my job to bring this beauty to the fore”.

Dr. med. Stephan Bessler
Specialist FMH ENT Facial Plastic Surgery

Stephan Bessler


My specialisation in esthetic nasal surgery

During my professional career, I have specialised exclusively in nasal surgery, primarily in aesthetic nasal operations. My focus on rhinoplasty has enabled me to reach a high degree of proficiency.

The nose as a specialist area

Why did I choose to focus on the nose in particular? Well, I find it fascinating. The nose is a woefully underappreciated organ that is largely ignored until it stops working. Located in the middle of the face, the nose is of key importance for an individual's personal appearance for radiating an individuals personality and charm. As an olfactory organ it is responsible for our perception of smell. The sensation of smell is associated with enjoyment and pleasure. We smell the spring, flowers, people. Smell can trigger memories or may warn us from danger.

Significance of nasal surgery

Top-class nasal surgery is much more than simply operating with great precision. It is the combination of surgical precision and sensitivity towards the personal wishes of the patient. This is where my long-standing experience plays a pivotal role.

My operating philosophy

One cannot change the shape of a nose by simply excising tissue. This is still a very common misconception, even today. Even when a minor change is made to the contours of the nose, the whole structure of the nose and its role and function must be considered when deciding on the operating technique.

No nose operation

I will not perform an operation if a patient wishes to have a particular nose shape which I feel will negatively impact the harmony of his or her facial features.

Your trust in us

As your treatment team, we make every effort to ensure that you feel comfortable with us as a patient and receive individually tailored treatment. Trust between the patient, the doctor and the team is a vital prerequisite for the surgery to become a success. Trust can only be developed by means of thorough, unrushed consultations. I will spare no effort to ensure that this is the case.

During the consultations, we use computer simulation to discuss the particular nose shape that you would like to have, the character of your face, and your own personal charisma. Many requests can be fulfilled.  

Revision operations

Many patients contact me after having undergone an unsatisfactory initial operation elsewhere. My long-standing experience in nose surgery enables me to achieve improvements even in difficult situations.

Long - term experience

For 25 years do nose surgery. My long -term experience and follow- up many years after surgery allow me an accurate assessment of long term surgical results.


As your nasal surgeon I am not only your surgeon and physician but also your personal cosmetic consultant.

Professional career


Practice for ENT, Facial Plastic Surgery at the present location


In-depth training in the surgical focus of nasal surgery
Fellowship under Prof. Dr. Ivo Pitangui, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Fellowship under Dr Jarl Buanes, Oslo, Norway
Fellowship under Dr Marian Cantisano, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Fellowship under Dr Stefan Bosniak, New York, USA


Training in facial surgery
Clinique d'ORL at the University Hospital Lausanne under
Prof. Dr. Phillipp Monnier as Deputy "Chef de Clinique".


Specialist training in Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
ENT clinic at the University Hospital Zurich under
Prof. Dr. Ugo Fisch as Assistant Doctor and Chief Resident


Surgical training
Surgical Department of University Hospital Zurich under
Prof. Dr. Felix Largiader


MD at the University Hospital Zurich


Medical studies in Zurich


The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

EAFPS, European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

European Rhinology Society

AAFPRS, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Swiss Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Association of Zurich Doctors for ENT, Facial Plastic Surgery AGZ, Association of Physicians of the Canton of Zurich